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Artistic Journey to Discovery

Who am I? What have I done to begin this journey to discovery? My name is Danni Andrew and I am an artist.

I began painting when I was fourteen years old, lets say I began painting seriously. My aunt gave my mom a painting when I was a little girl and I was fascinated by the beauty of that painting. I wanted to be like her! My first art class was in junior high. My teacher taught us the basics and I was hooked. My mom bought me a few art supplies and I tried to learn. Soon mom got me into a 'real' art class at The cottage in Farmington, NM. I loved every minute of it. But school and work and probably boys got in the way and the classes ended.

I still tried to paint when I could but it would be several years before I took my art journey seriously again. By that time I had two children and a full time job as a single mom. Once again I was back at The Cottage taking classes with Wanda Coffey. She was amazing and a fabulous instructor. I learned so much from her as my brush smoothly caressed the canvas. I was in heaven. Painting is my happy place.

Life got in the way again and the art supplies got put away again for several years. My children are now grown, I am retired, it's time to take this hobby seriously once again. Painting is the one thing that truly makes me happy. This is not in relation to my children or my grandchildren of course, but when it comes to what I do everyday, painting is what makes me happy.

When I went to college every time I took a class that was considered a non-required class, I took an art class. I now have about fifteen art credits. Perhaps I should have gone after a degree in art, perhaps I still can.

Below you will see several pictures. The picture of the Holy City coming down on the green ocean is the one my aunt gave my mom. Next there are three paintings I did when I was in class when I was fourteen. The last two paintings are ones I have in progress on my easels now.

My journey is just beginning or so I feel like. I have over forty years training as an artist, I am not the same artist I was when I started out. I love what I do. This blog is going to take many avenues. We will look at the basics of what it is to be an artist. The tools of the trade and how how to lay out a canvas to paint a picture. I will attempt to interview artists who are actually working artists. I will also do pieces on artists who are no longer living but have made an impact on our lives and society. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Danni Andrew

Artist and author/blogger

Artistic Journey to Discovery

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