PLEASE READ THE SHIPPING POLICY BEFORE PURCHASING - KIDS Tie Dye T-shirts: Hand Tied and Hand Dyed using a chemical Process dye. This dye is much less likely to bleach out or fade if washed properly. I use Gildan brand T-shirts whenever possible as they are a little bit thicker and dye better than other t-shirts do. 


Shirts are listed in size from left to right: Kids T-shirt


A - 4T

B - SM (6-8)


We sell at Arts and Crafts shows on a regular basis. While we strive to update our website as soon as possible when a T-shirt or T-shirts are sold, it may take us a bit to get to this task. If the shirt you want has been sold, we will send you one of the same size and colors. All of our tie dye is tied and dyed with the same quality each time. All shirts are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. We do NOT stamp our shirts, we tie them and dye them individually, but rest assured your shirt is a one of a kind original, and even if you do not get the exact shirt in the picture, the one you get will still be a one of a kind original and will be tied and dyed with care. 

KIDS Tie Dye

  • We use quality T-shirts and articles of clothing in all of our dye processes along with a chemical process dye. The dye is colorfast and resistant to bleach and resistant to sunlight. This does not mean that it will not bleach if you add bleach. DO NOT BLEACH!! If you leave any piece of clothing outside over time it will fade. DO NOT leave your garment in the direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time or it will fade. If you take good care of your hand tied and hand dyed garment it will last and the colors will stay bright. DO NOT BLEACH! Use soap that does not have bleach in it and wash in cold water. ENJOY!! I will not replace anything that has been bleached. Wash with like colors. 

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