This easel goes well with any 4X4 small canvas. It can be purchased with the canvas and shipped with the canvas for your enjoyment. I have included the link to this easel with all 4X4 small canvas paintings. 


PRODUCT INFORMATION - Easel is made out of wood and is approximately 5" tall. It is a tripod easel and will hold up to a 4"X4" canvas easily and will also hold a 4"X6" but does not look as nice as the 4"X4". Each wood easel is unfinished and ready to be used as is or can be finished as you like. I do not finish the easels in any way and will not finish them for you, I am not set up to do wood working. All easels are inspected for minor cracks and opened to make sure they work before they are mailed to  you. I wrap them up in an effort to try to make sure they are in good condition when you receive your painting. I also ship all artwork with a minimum of $50 insurance so if your easel or artwork is damaged during transit the artwork is covered. It is up to you to file a claim with the carrier. I will not insure an easel if it is purchased separately as an item priced at $3 is not something I would insure, you must request insurance on your own. I will provide the information needed to do so. 


RETURNS POLICY - Returns are accepted only if there is a problem with the actual manufacture of the product itself. We try very hard to inspect our products as carefully as possible. We hope you enjoy our products. If there is a manufacture problem with your product please let us know as soon as possible. All returns must be requested within seven days of purchase.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN WE WILL PROMPTLY SEND YOU ANOTHER PRODUCT OR CREDIT FOR ANOTHER ITEM!


SHIPPING - Shipping is figured as accurately as possible, if you have questions about your shipping please send me an email and I will send you a Square invoice for the exact amount to save you money at All items are shipped within 2-5 business days. We try very hard to ship as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your products. If there is a problem with your shipping please let us know as quickly as possible. 


IMPORTANT SHOW INFORMATION - We sell at Arts and Crafts shows on a regular basis. While we strive to update our website as soon as possible when a T-shirt or art piece is sold, it may take us a bit to get to this task. If the shirt or art piece you want has been sold, we will send you one of the same size and/or colors. All of our tie dye is tied and dyed with the same quality each time. All shirts are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. We do NOT stamp our tie dye, we tie them and dye them individually, but rest assured your tie dye is a one of a kind original, and even if you do not get the exact shirt/garment etc., in the picture, the one you get will still be a one of a kind. original and will be tied and dyed with care. Our art pieces are also created with the same care and our sewing projects are as well. We try to get you what you want if at all possible. Please be patient as we run a business in a fast moving world. We strive to be as accomodating as possible. Thank you. 



Mid-size easel for 4X4 canvas


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